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rajendra tikku did gallery walk in espace

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rajendra tikku, an espace gallery employee and rekha rodiwittya

rekha rodiwwitya, johnyML, manjunath kamath, kishore shinde an rajendra tikku

rajendra tikku talking to rekha rodiwittya

rajendra tikku opening his gallery walk

on 26 nov, wednesday, coinciding with the video wednesdays curated by johnyML,
rajendra tikku did a gallery walk to describe and reflect on the exhibits in his current
display of sculptures in espace gallery. to see the sculptures, click here
after the gallery walk, i heard johnyML telling painter manjunath kamath that
these kinds of talks should be organized quite often. listening to what artist has to say
is very important.
rajendra tikku started the walk speaking about his kashmiri origin, the extinct script and
his nostalgiac use of the script as calligraphy on the sculptural surfaces.
but rajendra tikku is for “essential sculpting”. sculpture existing for itself.
meaning, the materiality and the embodiment, dominating what it is representing.
rajendra tikku works with different media, from wood, bronze, marble to a stone called devadhar.
he takes cues from visuals, from ruined temples to handbag, then renders them syncretically
or monolithically or assembling many parts into sculptural forms and once they are sculptures,
sculptures exist for themselves, which he calls “essential sculptures”.
the show is aptly titled “metaphors in matter”, but the difficulty that i found, while
seeing the sculptures is that i totally missed the metaphors, especially because i do not read
titles of the exhibits, though i really loved the materiality of the three dimensional forms.


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November 27, 2008 at 10:06 am

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